Building Materials Products Installation

Purchasing building materials inevitably needs to consider how to install building materials. If you need help with the entire building and finishing product installation, all of our product installation specialist engineers are here for you. We can guide you to install building materials such as guardrails, stairs, doors, windows, canopies, partitions, etc., while saving you time and cost, and speeding up the completion of the project.

Customized Product installation

If you have installation support needs for our products, we can arrange for our engineers to serve you. Installation support is available in two ways:

Installing Guide

Installation Guidance

Our company provides customers with professional building materials product installation guidance. After you purchase a custom product from our company, our technicians will provide you with professional installation instructions, drawings, instructions or installation videos. You can also directly contact our after-sales department to guide you to install the product.

instaling services

Pay-for Installation Service

If you are unable to complete the installation of building materials products with installation instructions or installation videos. Or you don't have enough time and tools to install building products. Our company can provide door-to-door installation services. Of course, there is a fee for this service. Pay-for Installation