Building Materials Products Production

Our company is a company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of building materials products. It mainly provides building materials products for commercial buildings such as office buildings, office buildings, brand experience stores, department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, commercial streets and so on. Our company specializes in providing customers with high-quality products such as railings, stairs, doors and windows, partitions, canopies, shutters, and architectural hardware accessories.

Production Process

Communication needs: Our project salesman communicates product needs with customers, such as: style, material, size, craftsmanship, quantity, etc.
Product quotation: Our company discusses the quotation plan with the customer according to the customer's needs and adjusts the quotation plan according to the actual discussion results.
Confirm PI: The project salesman of our company sends the PI to the customer by email, and the customer confirms the PI and replies to our company with a signature.
The customer pays the deposit: Customer pays the deposit in accordance with the PI or contract payment terms, and our company confirms the receipt of the payment to the customer after receiving the deposit.
Drawings from our company: Our designers draw product drawings according to the information and data provided by customers, and send them to customers for verification by the project salesman.
Modification of drawings: Our company improves the drawings by constantly checking the details with the customer, and the drawings may be revised many times in the process.
Confirm the drawing: Our company will send the revised drawing to the customer. After the customer signs and confirms, reply to our project salesman.
Product production: The project salesman arranges the production of the product.
Quality control: During the production process, our company will control the product quality through strict product production process.
Trial installation confirmation: After the production of the main body of our products, we will try to install the products to ensure that the size is correct.
Customer inspection: Our company will take pictures of product details for customer inspection, and customers can also arrange for a third party to come to our factory for inspection.
Customer's balance payment: The customer pays the balance according to the PI or contract payment terms, and our company confirms the receipt of the payment to the customer after receiving the balance.
Shipment Arrangement: Arrange shipment according to PI or contract shipping terms. If the customer needs our company, we can provide transportation services.
After-sales service: After receiving the product, the customer will contact our company for after-sales service.