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Building Materials Products Shipment

Our company cooperates with professional international import and export logistics companies, relying on the developed shipping area of ​​China's Pearl River Delta, and can provide customers with one-stop logistics transportation such as building materials product hauling, customs clearance, commodity inspection, fumigation, and delivery. At the same time, our company has provided global customers with freight services of building materials goods from China to the world by virtue of logistics channels, perfect trade services, caring customer service teams and professional logistics operations for many years. At present, our company can provide services including international ocean freight transportation, international ocean bulk cargo transportation, air cargo transportation, railway transportation and road transportation of international multimodal transportation.

One-stop building materials logistics service introduction.

One-stop building materials logistics service introduction.

Handle all business before and after the export of building materials goods according to the customer's entrustment;

Review all kinds of lists and approvals provided by customers;

Prepare various documents;

Booking, customs clearance;

Apply for certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate;

Container rental and packing;

Domestic transportation, port entry, and shipment;

Issue bills of lading, freight and miscellaneous charges settlement, express domestic and foreign documents;

Handle import customs declaration, tax payment, unpacking/transshipment, and delivery abroad;

Handle foreign agency business.