Residential Building Materials Products Customization

Our company has strict QA QC management process for the production of guardrails, stairs, doors and windows, partitions, canopies, louver pavilions, architectural hardware accessories and other products. Over the years, our company has been firmly practicing the business philosophy of "winning the trust of customers with professional services and high-quality products", and has become a leader in the international building materials industry.

Quality Assurance

The production of building materials products is based on customized requirements, and the selection of raw materials has strict standards. The structural drawing of the product is the production guide. Our company will arrange a professional designer to review the production drawing and then confirm it with the customer before submitting it to the production department.

Internal quality assurance: Our internal production strictly follows the company's production process and technology to ensure product quality.

External Quality Assurance: Our company selects raw materials according to contracts and industry standards to produce products for customers.

Quality Control

In terms of quality control, our company monitors the production process through a step-by-step responsibility system, and selects unqualified products in time to maintain quality.Our quality control follows two cores, namely witness point and stop point in quality control.

The operating procedures of the witness point are as follows:
(1) The production should notify the production engineer in writing at a certain time before arriving at a certain witness point, explaining the time when the witness point will be ready for construction, and the engineer shall be invited to witness and supervise the site at that time.
(2) After receiving the notice, the engineer shall indicate the date of receipt of the notice on the "production tracking file" and sign it.
(3) The engineer shall come to the site to witness at the appointed time. The engineer shall supervise and inspect the implementation process of the witness point, and make a detailed record on the witness form before signing.
(4) If the engineer fails to be present at the specified time to witness, the production department may consider that it has been approved by the supervising engineer and has the right to carry out the construction.
(5) If the engineer has come to the site for inspection and wrote the relevant opinions on the "production tracking file" before this, the production department should indicate the improvement measures that have been taken, or specific opinions.
The operating procedures for the stop point are as follows:
The stopping point is the quality control point that is more important than the witness point, and our company refers to "special process" or "special process". For all control objects listed as stop points, it is required that the engineer must be notified before the arrival of the specified control point to send someone to monitor the control point. If the engineer fails to supervise and inspect the site at the agreed time, the production department should stop entering the control point. Point the corresponding process, and wait for the engineer according to the contract. You cannot continue production beyond this point without approval. It is usually approved in writing to proceed, but it may also be approved to proceed in accordance with an agreed system of delegation of authority.